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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Items from this morning

This morning's presentations included:

Other things from this morning:

1. Imagining that it's possible to implement any Enterprise solution (e.g., WebLogic, ContentServer, etc.) without using professional services is living in a fantasy land. Apparently, the correct budget strategy is to expect to spend at least 50% of the price of the software on the vendor's professional services.

("Professional services" means buying consulting from the vendor to get their software to work the way you want it to)

2. "Enterprise Content Management" is a myth. There are no integrated content management systems. Documentum is supposed to be farther ahead with integrationg, but it's not there yet either.

Rather, if there is anything like ECM, then it should be viewed as a vision, or as a purchasing strategy. Not as a software solution.

3. "Multi-channel communication" -- we need to think about web content from the point of view of information consumption, not information delivery. We need to consider this also in the context of nomadicity - (PDF - 61 KB)

4. Trends in how people work -- currently, about 50% of workers list collaboration as a primary mode of working. The projection is that a year from now, 60+ % of workers will describe their mode of working as collaborative.

It may not be our job as a library to *promote* this, but we must be in a position to enable collaboration and accommodate nomadicity.


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