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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

One of the panelists in the opening session was a financial analyst/Wall Street guy who specializes in CMS and IT companies. He thinks that this is the time for CMSs. Apparently, content management is now being seen as the place where companies can grow their business (I suppose, since other areas are tapped out?). But, he also is looking at the fact that Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are entering the CMS space as indicators that CMS is where those 3 think they can make some money.

Anyway, this is the middle of the 2 hour lunch break. The breaks are long -- the morning one was an hour -- so we have all this free time to get hit up by the vendors.

There are about 250 or so attendees at this conference, best I can guess. Maybe 30 or so vendors. Here's the exhibitor list.


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