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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Post-sessions, on Tuesday

Following the last session was a reception in the exhibits area. (of course, throughout the conference, if you want the free food and drink, you have to mingle in the vicinity of the vendors)

At lunchtime, I avoided the vendors, but I decided to take the plunge during the reception. FatWire and RedDot are both here ... I didn't stop to chat. I did talk to this company, Serena -- web content management, Oracle/DB2/SQL Server based content repository, browser based author interface, LDAP/Active Directory aware, I guess runs on a J2EE app server (I didn't ask but I saw "servlet" in a URL from the browser based author interface), and they seem to be focusing themselves on the education market -- their demo site screen was for a university site, with content quoting something from Educause. They have a couple of school districts in Texas as clients, and a handful of smaller universities. Seems like a nice product, but I still think Contribute will do all Serena will do (minus the db-based content repository). Contribute will give us better control over author content permissions and roles I think, and also Contribute will give us better control over the use of styles.

There's another funky web content management vendor here called Hot Banana, but the rep was busy so I haven't talked to them yet.

Most of the other vendors seem to be a mix of content management and XML stuff. There's one saying it does metadata and taxonomy management, but I haven't talked to them yet -- they are SchemaLogic. Oh, Vivisimo is also here for site and enterprise search

The one other I did spend some time with was IXIAsoft which has this product called TextML Server. Along with the IXIAsoft guys was Mark Ludwig, a librarian at SUNY Buffalo -- SUNY Buffalo has used TextML Server to create an XML based web library catalog from their NOTIS MARC records. Here's a Library Journal article. Anyway, he has some grant and is looking for other libraries to join -- I don't have the details but it involves FRBR-ized XML catalog repositories I believe. I have his card to share with Bob and Ramona in case they're interested. Mark Ludwig also did a session I wasn't able to attend. Here's his presentation (PDF).

Tomorrow I'll have to decide between competing sessions. The CMS implementation things will continue, but at the same time there will be CMS implementation case studies. These case studies are done under the rubric of Content Technology Works -- a Gilbane initiative to document content management best practices and success stories.

On the other hand, the morning panel tomorrow is on CTW (Content Technology Works), and the CTW case studies are on the web, so maybe that will be enough.