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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tuesday afternoon, part two

This one is on the topic of document types :

"Open" Document Formats, XHTML vs. HTML, XSL vs. CSS & Other Industry Debates

Jon Udell
, Lead Analyst, InfoWorld
Bob Boiko (see below)
Tony Byrne, Editor of CMSWatch, author of The CMS Report
Matt May, Web Accessibility Specialist, w3c

This conference has a nice approach to panels. Each speaker gets 3-5 minutes to make points, and then the floor is open for discussion and Q and A -- audience, panel members, everybody can talk. It's a good format.

European Union - WordML and Open Office's version of native XML
  • what about when an XML document flows through channels that are disconnected to its schema?
  • should we really have to worry about WordML, etc?
  • Do you need XML if you can create extremely disciplined XHTML? Or, rather, was is the point where disciplined XHTML is not enough?
This is a very interesting discussion ... no way I can keep up with notes on this..

"the gravity of the EU talking about this topic" -- the w3c guy says -- in the environment of the EU preparing its constitution., and there are all these issues of text, semantic markup, standards for data and documents. On one hand, with Word so ubiquitous, you have to deal with WordML in some way, but it's not right to just accept WordML as a standard simply because of ubiquity.

Tony Byrne is bringing the discussion back down to earth i think .... so far, it's been pretty abstract. Tony is saying, we can't forget that, no matter the format, it's going to be the document structure and metadata that will let the documents be long-lived, reusable, extensible, etc.

but, then the w3c guy is pointing out, if EU rejects all of WordML ... will there be some poor guy who has to go home to Microsoft Seattle and admit he lost the European MS Office contract ... ?


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