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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wed AM

The keynote talks this AM were great.

The panel topic was Content Technology Works

To start, some issues from yesterday:
  • ECM - myth or vision
  • Integration issues - database, content management, authoring
  • Software as a service (see a CTW case study)
  • Importance of getting unstructured information under control
  • Close alignment of IT and business goals
  • Content is not just authoring and managing, it's also delivery and use
  • Content crosses business domains/goals
  • Dealing with legacy systems
  • Multichannel communication -- multi-format, single source publishing, XML

Bill Benz, J&W Seligman "Leveraging content using multiple communicaiton channels"
Mario Queiroz, Hewlett-Packard
David Liroff, WBGH

(I'll post the details later)


(after the morning break)

"Implementing a CMS - Next Steps and Key Issues, Part 2"

Brendan Quinn, BBCi -- "CMS Impacts on Systems, Networks, Security, and IT Support"

Brendan is talking about technology requirements for a CMS implementation: storage capacity, acceptable amounts of downtime, acceptable levels of non-responsiveness (POV of the content author on a browser based CMS on an app server), getting IT and CMS people to talk to each other, etc etc etc.

Short version: design for your own needs, not what a vendor says or what you read in a book

(sorry, but ... duh ...)

"baked" content -- precreated content
"fried" content -- dynamic content
"flied" content -- fried content where the details of the delivery are determined on the fly

Michael Hahn, Vasont Systems -- "Are DTDs Dead?" -- get presentation here (PDF)

well, the topic is the use of schemas rather than DTDs .. better to try to get his slides

RELAX NG (pronounce: relaxing) ... considered simpler and more elegant than w3c schema
schematron - Rick Jeliffe - projected as part 4 of ISO 19757


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