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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wed PM

"Directions in Content Management" (another "speak for 5 minutes and then open for discussion" panel session)

Eric Silberstein, Idiom (?) -- has to do w/ translation
Rich Buckheim, Oracle
Bill , Interwoven

Eric says the directions are:

CM as a term is still being used to encompass many things, even though we know now that these are separate (and maybe better, separable) things, functions, etc

  • all content will be XML
  • globalization, localization
  • technology surrounding XML

Rich says the directions are:
  • CM people who are central but peripheral (e.g., CM systems built using an Oracle DB, putting Oracle in the CM space, even though Oracle is not a CM company)
  • Also, file server vendors, where the file servers are part of the CM system even though they aren't CM vendors
  • Data/Info protection, security ... something between ECM and file server/desktop
  • Growth is in the upgrade, replacement, enhancement in products that are today "just file servers" into something that could be considered an ECM

Bill says the directions are:
  • an environment where all of the heterogeneous vendors can live together
  • it's all about integration -- all of the content repositories, etc
  • how do all the vendors, products, etc., co-exist? management of: email, document content, web content, etc.

SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
Transportability - content reuse, content sharing
Application layer
Rapid application development
Flexibility to bring applications together so they can co-exist

Is it true that ECM is a myth?

(these guys represent vendors ... how can they say it is or isn't a myth?)

(actually, i'm getting the sense that these guys said pretty much everything yesterday and in today's opening session. these guys are starting to repeat themselves)

audience question: so... you guys are offering me all these products, I can't afford any of them, and I don't have the resources to implement them even if I had the budget ... so when will there be something for me?

and the answer ... well, i guess these guys can repeat back the problem, but, how can they have an answer, when they are selling those high priced products

I should have gone to the CTW session at this hour ...

This Oracle guy ... first he admits that the small-market guy in the audience is not in Oracle's customer target, but then he starts talking "future Oracle products" that will help the guy out ... At least the Interwoven guy says they are supposed to be there to speak about directions, not do sales talk, but ...


I moved to the CTW track ... it's the middle of the talk by a guy from WBGH (another guy, not the one from the morning panel) talking about their DAM.

Dave McCarn, WGBH -- Solutions for Leveraging Rich Media -- get presentation here (PDF)

"Digital Asset Management Unified Field Theory"

Experiences deploying DAM:
  • remember the usual key activities
    • develop your specifications
    • clarify what your assets are, what metadata is needed, etc
    • Do your workflow analysis


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