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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Building a New Web Service at Google

Google AdWords


making it simple. making it so it will work and also be simple

Document / literal SOAP -- think of it as passing XML around rather than as API function calls

but, interoperability is still hard, WSDL support varies by toolkit, SOAP document/literal support varies by toolkit

Good: .NET, Java (Axis)
OK: C++ (gSOAP), Perl (SOAP::Lite)
not gooed: Python (SOAPpy, ZSI), PHP (many options)

interoperability example: sending "nothing" is hard

SOAP interoperability hazards (I didn't have time to type them)

if all else fails you can give up and parse the XML directly

so why not just use ReST? -- low ReST use GETs everywhere, high ReST use HTTP semantics to build APIs


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