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Beyond the Fat Wire

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Conference Wrap up

There are some session presentations available now -- especially "Rules for Remixing" (get the PDF), the conference opening session with Rael Dornfest and Tim O'Reilly.

The most important session for us was "Creating Passionate Users" -- a 1/2 day tutorial presented by Kathy Sierra, who was a creator of the Head First series of books for O'Reilly. And from this session, the most important message was "allow your users to have an 'I Rule' experience"

That is -- in the end, it does not matter what your users think of you or think of your product. (That is, it doesn't matter what library users think of library resources or services). What REALLY matters is how users think of THEMSELVES as the result of their interaction with your product.

There were other themes of note at this conference:
  • The O'Reilly Radar and remixing
  • Innovation and creativity, such as at Applied Minds and the Center for Bits and Atoms Fab Lab
  • "All Complex Ecosystems Have Parasites" by Cory Doctorow of EFF and Boing Boing -- if a system is complex, there will be messiness. If you try to "fix" the messiness, you will only succeed at breaking the system and removing the complexity. With maturity in a system, you also have to expect and embrace the complexity, and with complexity you have to expect and embrace the diversity, and with diversity, you have to expect and embrace the mess.


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