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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Cory Doctorow

All Complex Ecosystems have Parasites

(he's reading text that he will put on the web later)

email is a sloppy, diverse, complicated ecosystem

you can solve spam -- but the solutions we can imagine right now would break email

an email system that can be controlled is an email system without complexity

a system that is complex can be influenced but not controlled

you cannot create a new DVD player without permission from the one organization controlled by the TV/Movie industry, and they will not give permission if your DVD player has features that the organization does not like -- the things they don't like are things that they think will interfere with their own business model.

simplifying an ecosystem happens when a group tries to fix something they consider to be a problem.

simplification -- suppressing innovation, suppressing openness, suppressing diversity,

why should Hollywood control Digital Rights Management, when they are the smallest player in the world of people who create digital content? when Hollywood itself is controlled by just a few individuals?

all we have spent on spam prevention have been for nothing -- in fact, spam proliferates as though we had done nothing. This should tell us that the approach to spam is wrong directed

parasite elimination programs all fail. the idea that we just haven't tried hard enough is the wrong idea.

forget about: a simple ecosystem where only you are allowed to add value and where you control who benefits


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