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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Maker Fair

About a dozen people had tables showcasing their inventions at this reception, which also was an opportunity for O'Reilly to promote its new magazine Make

I think the coolest thing there was this guy who graduated from MIT in 2002, who is responsible for the original hacked XBox.

Here is Ben Hammersley again. He wore a kilt the first two days of the conference. I saw him in pants earlier, or maybe last night, but today, he was wearing a skirt.

More Makers:

Another maker ... with interesting head decoration:

Some crowd scenes:

The O'Reilly conference staffer handing out free drink tickets at the door:

The door prize (which you can win if your name is drawn AND you are present at the final session of the conference):

And finally... sometimes you just have to get away from the crowds:


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