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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Morning Break

The exhibits room is open today. The O'Reilly table says "take one free book". I wonder how many people refrained from taking more than one, if they were inclined to want more than one?

There were some tough choices.... Head First Design Patterns, Firefox Hacks, XBox Fan Book, other books with "hack" in the title. I chose Head First Design Patterns.

Did I choose an additional book, however illegal and/or unethical that might have been?

You'll have to consider all you know about me and then choose your own answer to that question...

Not so many people here today. I guess yesterday was the big deal day, with Tim O'Reilly and Jeff Bezos on the program

By the way, I need to shop for a small laptop. Maybe a tablet. Battery life notwithstanding.


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