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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Neil Gershenfeld


Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT

"State of the Art Fabrication"

Shannon - 1940s - there is a threshold below which you can avoid communication signal degradation

"How to Make (almost) Anything" - a class at MIT, and not just for engineers or computer scientists --
  • Scream Body
  • a web browser for parrots
  • garment with protection for your personal space

what is literacy -- liberation of expression.
personal fabrication -- stuff for a market of one, things that make you individual

fabrication as another means of expression


Conversation between Neil Gershenfeld, a guy from Squid Labs and another guy from Applied Minds

on one hand, it's hard to imagine creativity and engineering going together. On the other hand, the Applied Minds guy says, how can one be an engineer and NOT be creative?

need a full size 3D prototype as well as the other, mini, virtual ones because there is such a thing as human scale and you can't ignore the tangible level of interaction with the thing

a one-day fab bootcamp?
Gershenfeld -- 1/2 hr to learn to use a laser cutter, rest of 1/2 day on design principles, last 1/2 day making something
Applied Minds guy -- one day to learn how to break something really nicely

nurturing the village tinkerers -- amateur inventors


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