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Beyond the Fat Wire

Monday, March 14, 2005

The one thing to take away from this conference

Even if I take nothing else back from this conference, the final point from the morning tutorial will be enough. And that is:
"The Secret" to creating passionate users ... What is it that really drives people?

The user has an "I Rule" experience. It doesn't matter what they users think of YOU (or your product). It only matters how the user thinks of THEMSELVES as a result of their interaction with you (or your product).

I would say, we need to understand how to apply this to UTA library services.

When the library interacts with students, faculty, and staff -- or when the library staff interact with the library intranet (for example):
  • Do they feel smarter than they did before? -- or was searching for articles, or using library services, or translating library jargon, so difficult that we made them feel stupid and inadequate?
  • Do they feel like we have included them? -- or did we talk in "library-speak", or in terms that are irrelevant to their experience?
  • Do they feel satisfied? -- or did they have to settle for what they could get out of the interaction?
  • Do they feel like coming back to us? -- or will they choose another source of help next time?
  • If they come back, is it because they WANTED to? -- or is it because they feel like they have to: because a professor told them to, because we're the only source even if we are an inferior source, or because it's "college" and they are "supposed to" use the library?


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