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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Remixing at Applied Minds

Applied Minds

Applied Minds is a small company that invents, designs and prototypes breakthrough products and services for both industry and government. We are an interdisciplinary group of artists, scientists and engineers, with skills in architecture, electronics, mechanics, physics, mathematics, software development, system engineering, and storytelling. Our projects range from toys to cancer treatments, from buildings to algorithms, and from off-road vehicles to high-resolution displays. Our team of world-class innovators enjoy building the next industry-changing technology ideas from concept to prototype.

robots - what's really cool are making little robots to try things out -- like, what's more stable? a 6-legged or a 4-legged robot?

how about a snake robot?

or a centipede robot?

an approach that says -- wouldn't it be cool if... ?

a workplace where engineers, artists, musicians, and an astronaut work together to develop ideas

"Remixing toys" -- take sections of different toys (ray gun, helicopter, and a car) to make something new

GIS maps that emulate the experience of spreading a paper map out on a table. Including a 3D table that will not only emulate spreading the map out on a table, but add in topographic features in 3D


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