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Beyond the Fat Wire

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Swarming Web

Justin Chapweske, CEO - Onion Networks

Large File Support - higher probablility of failuer

swarming -- RAID for the web -- looking for an alternative to TCP/IP with large/infinite bandwidth

fault tolerance? load balancers? commodity servers like at Google? (but, scalability, expense)

an array network? a mirror network? -- even more expensive, security concerns, user experience problems

self-healing data transfer -- integrity checks during the transfer. can store data on untrusted systems and still know if the content remains intact


Best Practices for swarming:
  • static elements, composed dynamically (CSS, RSS, Google maps)
  • utilize http caching semantics
  • thing cheap servers, cheap bandwidth, and intelligent software: the promis of grid computing delivered

SwarmStream public edition


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