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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tim O'Reilly

The O'Reilly Radar

"Design Patterns"
  • provide source as well as display versions
  • design for participation
  • user-centered development
    • release early and oftern
    • user feedback
    • bug reports

syndicated ecommerce -- you no longer need to build or own all the components of your application -- isbn.nu

"The perpetual beta"

acknowledgement that things are continually changing and evolving

Network effects by default

Apps that include sharing features by default -- Flickr

The long tail

the monetizing of niches -- no niche is too small to speak to.

Software abovce the level of a single device

cross device apps -- it's not just the PC anymjore

Social Networking

campture and share the social fabric underlying your applicatoin

social networks are a by product of social applications like email IM, photo sharing, and even book buying


a realtime flow of info, comments, idea sharing

Data is the next "Intel Inside"

Where 2.0 in JUne in SF -- O'Reilly conference on location technologies

Web 2.0 Conference in Oct in SF

Packets and shipping containers

The key is small packages and containers -- to make delivery successful, efficient, and to make the delivery system last successfully over a long period of time


when content is digital it lends itself to being broken down and remixed

So: b uild your business model so as to make your living from the smallest atomic unit

SafariU -- OReilly books to let students professors remix to suit themselves

Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript + XML -- eg Gmail and Google maps

Hardware Hacks


Data Visualization

Krazy Dad -- using flickr, gives a color wheel. you pick a color and it finds photos w/ that color
Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager

Voice Over IP

Asterisk, Skype


The P in P2P is People -- Dave Winer c. 2001


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