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Beyond the Fat Wire

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It's raining, 47 degrees, and windy. Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow.

This evening there is a plenary with Jakob and somebody from Microsoft, otherwise this is a free day. It's curious to me that they insist on calling this a conference. When it's pay-by-the-day for each day's one-day workshop, and there isn't really anything else here besides the workshops (this evening's "plenary" aside), the fact that the thing lasts for 6 days does not qualify it as a "conference" in my opinion.

Monday's workshop was so disappointing. But, I still have hopes for Thursday's, which is "Toolbox of Specialized Usability Methods". I mean, since he bothered to put his outline up for people to see (or so it seems), maybe he'll actually talk about how to use real methods.


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