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Sunday, June 18, 2006

SF again

I had an easy trip and a good flight, even though the flight was full. Actually, there were some empty seats in the back, so a flight attendant offered a change of seat to the guy in the middle in my row, and he took it. So, my luck with flights is holding and I had one of the very few empty seats next to me.

This event is at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins -- very fancy, but not my style. Free wireless thanks to this event, but a crappy signal and it's slow. I'm not sure there'll be wireless in the meeting room tomorrow, although maybe... there is supposed to be wireless in the lobby, and the room is close to the lobby, so we'll see tomorrow.

There's a six-page attendee list. Most are at companies we know well (as well as those we've never heard of), but there are some public sector people as well (County of Los Angeles ISD) plus some people at universities, and even a couple of others from libraries.

An ironic moment at the event check-in. They check in people to an online system, and the person who was doing the check-in was complaining about that system. It's apparently got serious usability problems. Hahah.

This hotel is at the top of Nob Hill, at the corner of Mason and California Streets. Steep hill down Mason, and on California towards Powell (where the cable car stop is). Being at the top of a hill, it's very windy. I can hear the wind whistling around the hotel.


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