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Monday, June 19, 2006

Usability of Usability events

Last time I was at one of Jakob's events, I complained about usability issues related to the event itself.

This time, the event itself is ok, but the venue is another story.

Of all the hotels in San Francisco, they chose one:
  • with no casual dining options. In fact, since I brought jeans, knit shirts, and black sneakers, I might not even pass the hotel restaurant's dress code.
  • without a coffee shop/kiosk/whatever
  • with a single set of restrooms (which can each accommodate about 5 people at a time for the respective genders -- and that includes those waiting in line) to serve two meeting rooms each with a capacity of a couple hundred)
  • which is located at the top of a hill, the final grade of which has got to be 45 degrees (and, if there were attendees with mobility problems, how were they supposed to go get lunch within one hour?)


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